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The name Chung Do Kwan means "The School of the Blue Waves'.
The Chung Do Kwan was founded by Lee Won Kuk. This was the first school of martial arts to be established in modern Korea and was the first school to begin laying the foundations for what was to become Tae Kwon Do.

The 5 Tenets

The fundamental principles underpinning the practice of Taekwondo are the five tenets:
Etiquette - Learning the rules and traditions of Taekwondo.
Modesty - Be humble in your pursuit of perfection.
Perseverance - You must persevere and not give up.
Self-control - Exercising caution and control in all techniques.
Indomitable Spirit - Try to overcome any obstacles you may face.


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and Instructors tend to use Korean commands in the class. Knowing the common terms means you can train anywhere in the world.
Click here for Korean Terminology.
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