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Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. The name translates as ‘The Way of Hand and Foot’, and it is practiced widely all over the world as an art and as a sport.

Aldis Taekwondo Club is a full member of Chungdokwan GB. Chungdokwan is one of the original schools (kwans) of Taekwondo set up in Korea just after World War II. Through its membership of Chungdokwan GB, Aldis Taekwondo is also affiliated to World Taekwondo and Sport England. The club instructors have professional indemnity and public liability insurance through British Taekwondo, together with Level 2 Coaching qualifications and DBS disclosures.

There are many advantages to Taekwondo training. No matter where your starting point, it will improve your physical fitness and strength. Great emphasis is placed on stretching and flexibility, and you will find that you become increasingly supple as you train. You will gain physical skills and knowledge of self defence techniques. Beyond that, Taekwondo training develops self confidence and respect for self and others.
Learn a new skill in 2019. New beginners are always welcome.
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Welcome to Aldis Taekwondo, we have clubs in Oxford and Barnet in London which offer a variety of classes to students interested in the traditional martial art, Olympic style competition, Self-defence and Strength and Conditioning.
Pan Sim Woon Seminar
  13th of September 2015
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